Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

Soda Firing: Brush & Fire; a delicate dance

Workshop with Cathi Jefferson

March 17 - 23, 2020


Barcode 511077


Cathi Jefferson & assistant decorating pots for soda firing

Cathi Jefferson & assistant decorating pots for soda firing


Slabbery: hands-on workshop with Sarah Pike

March 22, 2020


Barcode 508520


sarah pike assembling a teapot

sarah pike assembling a teapot


Be sure to visit the vendors' booths at the Trade Show where you will have a chance to check out and purchase the latest ceramic art tools, publications, and supplies, as well as find out about studio / educational programs and artist in residencies!  Anyone interested in renting a table at the symposium trade show, please contact



The Ceramic Roadshow has become a much anticipated Canadian Clay Symposium tradition. Every conference each one of you brings a piece ( a piece of your own, your favourite, oldest, newest, funkiest - whatever!) that you want to share with other potters for the day. It’s an amazing show that comes together in less than an hour and features so many gems you’ll always enjoy the experience. There have been pieces more than 500 years old to someone bringing the very 1st pot they ever made. You never know and it’s always terrific! So be sure to bring a piece to Studio 102. Volunteers will be on hand to monitor the show. Please fill out and attach the Ceramic Roadshow Form to your piece.

Ceramic Roadshow Form.jpeg (click to download)



Don't forget to bring a mug, cup or tea bowl to donate to the Mug Wall (Studio 102), and $20 to purchase one! (cash or cheque only)

This fundraiser is sponsored by the North-West Ceramics Foundation with proceeds going into the Maureen Wright Scholarship Fund. Mugs change hands very quickly so don’t lose any time—head for the Mug Wall as soon as you register! This is an opportunity to find a unique and rare sample of work from a huge selection of artists. Free coffee or tea is included with the purchase of a mug.

Mug wall

Mug wall


BC Ceramic Mark Registry – BCCMR - at the Symposium!

Here is the link to the online form for the BCCMR: