Sunshine Cobb

Sunshine Cobb was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and grew up in southern California. She worked a great many jobs and took a great variety of college classes on her quest to find her bliss. While searching, Sunshine tried many careers- housekeeper, customer service agent, production assistant, massage therapist, child/elder caregiver- until she finally discovered ceramics. After a short stint at Chico State University, she went on to graduate with a BA in Studio Art from California State University at Sacramento in 2004. She focuses her talent on functional ware, embracing the richness of earthenware and currently is exploring the challenge of electrogama (electric firing).


Artist Statement:

“I rely on texture and colour to create a sense of motion and time in my work. I hope to instil a sense of age, like one finds apparent in discarded objects, with the aim to infuse feelings of nostalgia and wanderlust in my ceramic objects."