Artist Statement

I am drawn to the restless space between stillness and movement.   Between the intricate detail that you must stop and focus to listen and see; and the infinite vista that is all encompassing and unavoidable.  That is what I seek to embody in my art practice.

The ceramic sculptures and installations I create explore the dynamic relationship between organic, earthly beauty and the remnants of decay.  Each piece is a microcosm standing alone, suggesting a grounded simplicity; but when replicated and installed with multiple components the work becomes a narrative, imbued with an energy suggesting a macrocosm full of interaction. 

My work preserves the raw, visceral and versatile qualities of clay through textural and abstract forms and surfaces that entice a sensory experience, while calling attention to the quiet or dynamic space inside and between forms. The rich history of ceramics, from the ancient remnants of utilitarian objects to the contemporary use of sculptural abstraction and innovative installation, informs my practice.