Artist Statement

I create endlessly. When I started my creative career, I thought I would be a functional potter and had no idea that I was an artist. Now, forty years later, I find myself flooded with new ideas and projects. I work at my art constantly, some might say obsessively, but that single-minded focus has led me to where I am today–a successful mid-career artist with a constant stream of ideas and pathways I wish to explore.

I still produce a full line of functional wares that I sell through my Gallery/Studio in Ladysmith. People often ask why I continue to make tableware when I could devote my time to one-off pieces. The answer is simple: I enjoy and need both types of creativity. With decorative work, the forms and glazes are challenging. Opening the kiln is either like hearing the Hallelujah Chorus or experiencing Armageddon! I work on decorative vessels until the highs and lows of that process start to get to me. Then I switch to functional wares. To me, the repetitive work is calming and restorative. When working on vessels created to adorn our tables, I derive pleasure from knowing that, through the subtle intimacy that grows from their daily use, these pieces will become treasures in people’s lives.

Creating vessels for contemplation and daily use, enriching and inspiring our lives–this is my vocation.